How to Order

Creating the design

We process all of our work through Adobe illustrator. Here is how to supply us with the perfect design to speed up the process and reduce your costs.


Adobe illustrator files

If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator then we like you! There are just a few settings you can apply to your design to really help us out.

– Make sure your file is setup in RGB colour setting

– All cutting lines must be 0.1mm / 0.1pt thickness

– Exterior cutting lines RGB Green

– Interior cutting lines RGB Blue

– Scribe lines RGB Red

– engraved areas solid black infill

If you have any written text in your design please make sure you have converted the text into vectors. This can be done quickly by right clicking on the text and selecting ‘create outlines’ . This will allow us to use your files without the need for installing the same font you have used.

please check the size of the sheets of materials from the ‘materials’ section and make sure your design will fit on it.


If you want to simply engrave a design or image into an item you can send us the image in any file format you wish. we will simply convert it to Black and White and make small adjustments to the contrast in ensure the best quality engraving.

Other file formats

we can also convert many other file types, so if you cannot supply us with a correct illustrator files do not worry. we can also accept:


Selecting the material

We stock a wide variety of specialty materials perfect for laser cutting to ensure the best quality results possible.

A full list can be found in the ‘materials’ section, it is also possible to supply your own but please contact us to make sure it can be laser cut.

We can also engrave directly onto your own items, please contact us with a description of your item or a photo to make sure we can engrave it.

Send it to us

When you have a created your design and selected your material. All you need to do is send it to us. Simply send it via email:


Please let us know the materials you have selected when sending the design.

Once we have received your email we will process your design and calculate the cost for you. During busy times this may take up to 24 hours.


All prices are based on the time it takes to produce the work, plus the cost of the materials. For this reason it is impossible to give accurate quotes for the cost of work without having the completed design files submitted to us.

Once we have the final design files from you, we can then program them into our machines and work out the exact costs.

We have no setup charges or minimum quantities needed when ordering, we just have a minimum order of just S$20.

If you also require design work to be completed this is changed per hour with a minimum order amount of S$50.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have about our prices.

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